5 shoes to party the night away in

party shoes

Shoes are every girl’s best friend at parties. When you have exhausted all your party outfit options, the best way to mix things up is to throw on a little black dress and great statement shoe. From strappy black stilettoes to all-over glitter heels, we have compiled a list of the best designer shoes in Sydney you can slip on for any upcoming parties you’re about to crash.




These elegant thick sole shoes provide more comfort than most high heel footwear because of the smaller height difference of the foot’s back and front. Platforms are great shoes for parties because you’ll literally stand out. These will make you inches taller while giving you the feeling of just wearing short heels. It’s a win-win thing with platforms!

glitter evening shoes


Glitter evening shoes

Sparkle up the party with these glittery evening shoes. Glitter heeled shoes have risen to fame in the past years, making it the perfect choice for your next party attire. Match them up with a dress or maybe some leather leggings, and you’re good to party the night away.

Next to glass shoes, glitter pumps are the closest thing you could put on to feel like Cinderella!

heeled ankle bootsHeeled ankle boots

Ankle boots are also a favourite pick from the wardrobe. These high cut cuties are fashionably versatile. They work well with short dresses, jeans, and denim shorts. Ankle boots are suitable for almost every occasion, they can be dressed up or dressed down whether you’re out at the mall with your girlfriends or headbanging at a rock concert with the guys. These shoes will never go out of style.

low and mid heelsLow and mid heels

While high heels are a top choice of party footwear for ladies, low and mid heels will always remain the practical option. Other than being relatively closer to the ground, low and mid heels are way more convenient on the dance floor—you’ll get to show off more of your fancy footwork and have less chance of tripping.

At Via Condotti, we have an array of fantabulous low/mid heel shoe types such as peep toes, sandals and pumps. You’re one step closer to becoming queen of the dance floor with our selection of fashionable footwear.



A party without moving and grooving is not a party. If your purpose of showing up to parties is to own the dancefloor, evening shoes are definitely not the most practical choice. Sneakers are designed for serious footwork. Besides from dancing, if you’re the type of chic who prefers partying in snapbacks, hoodies, loose shirts and denim bottoms, make sneakers your weekend’s best friend.

Who says sneakers aren’t for high heel enthusiasts? There are plenty of sneakers in the market with moderate yet comfortable heels. Nothing is impossible in the fashion industry these days!


Shoe designs just keep getting better and better every year we are so excited about what’s coming in 2017. To give you a preview, We’re talking sparkly flats, velvet shoe slippers, block heels and attention-seeking boots. Follow us on Facebook to find out more.

In the meantime, grab your dazzling party shoes from Via Condotti in Sydney’s QVB or checkout our website to browse through our latest trends.