6 unique shoe styles that are set to explode in 2017

2017 is finally here, and with a new year comes new season fashion. So which styles of designer shoes in Sydney are going to be the must have items this year? Here are just 6 styles that look set to have a big 2017.

unique shoe styles in 2017

The Abner

Saucy, edgy, dramatic; all these words and more could be used to describe the Abner, a daring design finished in black calf leather. From the bold stiletto heel to the blue highlighted sole, the Abner is a true statement shoe.

The Alice

A platform heel with a difference, the Alice brings some truly unique design aspects to the standard elevated heel. The platform sole features carved slits at its base, giving it far greater flexibility than is usually expected from such a thick sole. The shoe is finished with a colourful braided ring at the front, adding ever-more interest to an already arresting design.

The Ashling

Part wedge/part sneaker, the Ashling somehow manages to combine two very different and distinct designs into one gorgeous and audacious shoe. The high wedge is covered with a fun summery print, making this the perfect shoe to pair with drinks overlooking the beach.

The Ayer

A platform wedge that isn’t backwards in coming forwards, the Ayer sandal is about as eye-catching as a shoe can be. A floral print is wrapped around the sole, serving as the base for the bold red sandal straps. The grooved sole ensure that you’ll always stay upright in this extroverted shoe.

The Beckybeat

A flat with a strap. The Beckybeat takes the classic look of a slip-on flat and runs with it, adding straps, buckles and gold highlights that transform it from an unassuming piece of footwear into something truly striking. The black and gold finish also adds an element of sophistication and class.

The Santoso

This Paillette Flat combines a timeless shape with a contemporary sequined finish, creating a shoe that is at once classic yet modern. A slip-on that is available in both silver and black, the Santoso is a dazzling shoe that is sure to have heads turning.

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