Italian Designer Shoes

Contemporary, elegant, subtle, a statement. Whatever you may be searching for in an Italian designer shoe, the Via Condotti range is sure to have something that embodies everything that you’d like your footwear to be.

Italian Designer Shoes Italian Designer Shoes
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As much as any fashion item, stylish footwear can paint the wearer as sophisticated, chic and fashion-forward. Be they flats, heels or something in between, footwear of quality subtly hints at a wearer of quality. And in no shoe will you find a stronger suggestion of class and contemporary elegance than in a pair of Via Condotti Italian designer shoes.

Producing high-end footwear of the highest quality in the Italian fashion hubs of Veneto, Tuscany and LeMarche, Via Condotti is a name synonymous with combining timeless elegance and a modern form. Our craftsmen bring over 40 years of leather-working knowledge and experience to our designs, with the expertise being passed down from generation to generation. They handcraft each pair of Via Condotti shoes with a care and attention to detail that, in this age of modern manufacturing, is becoming rarer by the day.

This traditional method of manufacture extends to the sourcing of our materials. Our craftsmen sift through the finest cuts of local Italian leather to find only the most prized pieces fit for use in our range.

Our designs are much like our crafting techniques; a nod to the traditional and timeless, with one eye firmly on the future. Over the years Via Condotti has continually reinvented itself, remaining on the leading edge of style no matter the fashion of the day may be. Our designs don’t forget the wearer, however, with comfort and longevity both hallmarks of a Via Condotti shoe.

No matter the style, the colour or the size, Via Condotti will have an Italian designer shoe that is sure to have heads turning.