5 mother of the bride shoes that offer elegance and style

Selecting the perfect mother-of-the-bride shoe can be a tricky task. You want a pair of wedding shoes that is elegant and beautiful, but it also needs to be restrained enough that you don’t take the focus away from your daughter, or her bridal shoes, on her big day. You need something that will match your outfit, but that will also be versatile enough to wear again for future special occasions. Something durable and comfortable that will support your feet throughout one of the most exciting days of your life.

Elegant mother of the bride shoes

Thankfully the design team at Via Condotti have a deep understanding of what a Mother of the Bride needs from a pair of shoes, and have come up with a range of options that cater to these exact requirements. Here are 6 Via Condotti shoe options that seek to perfectly strike that ever-elusive Mother of the Bride balance.

The Adele

A sequined high heel that simultaneously exudes a sense of fun and sophistication, the Adele is the perfect choice for the Mother of the Bride who isn’t afraid to make a statement. Available in both silver and black, this shoe is surprisingly versatile, pairing excellently with a wide range of wedding outfits.

The Chancey

The clue is in the name for this design. The daring cut of the Chancey isn’t the only thing that is saucily chancy about this shoe – it’s also studded with beautiful Swarovski Crystals, and comes in the bold colour options of gold, silver or blue.

The Chandler

The pewter finish and subtle heel give the Chandler an air of timeless elegance and sophistication, while the addition of a decorative bow studded with stunning Swarovski Crystals at the front of the shoe brings a far more contemporary look. The Chandler is the perfect mix of old and new.

The Conway

An opened toed shoe with a generous heel, the Conway offers a Mediterranean style. A blue finish is highlighted with touches of gold, and a subtle suede print adds a unique texture to the design. The perfect choice for an outdoor summer wedding.

The Melba

The ideal shoe for mothers-of-the-bride who’d rather not draw the focus away from their newlywed daughter, the timeless, elegant look of the Melba is at once subtle and sophisticated. The blue finish and low heel bring a discreet look, wonderfully offset with a square buckle-style addition at the front of the shoe.

Via Condotti offer an exclusive range of Italian designer shoes. Check out our website or visit us in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney to find out more.