Nude Shoes: the styling tip to longer, leaner legs.

Footwear has always had the ability to change the look of an outfit, but with nude shoes you now have the ability to change the look of your legs. This little illusion tricks the eye into thinking your shoes are part of the leg and thus a few centimetres longer. We just had to share this little tip, because no matter what size or style your beautiful body is, little tricks like these can always add a little extra confidence to an outfit.

nude shoes for longer and leaner legs


As we mentioned before, the eye is tricked into thinking the leg is a few centimetres longer. This is because the colour is consistent the entire length of the exposed leg. By not having an obvious ankle strap that cuts the foot off from the leg, the visual lines appear longer. This illusion is based in the Muller-Lyer illusion. (See image) The lines all appear to be different lengths, but it is only the arrows on the end that are tricking the brain into thinking the lines are longer or not. The theory is that the brain is tricked into thinking it is looking at something 3D. This makes the brain think the line is further away and overcompensates by making the line appear longer than the others. This is essentially how nude shoes work, the brain is tricked into thinking that the arrow, or shoe, is pointing towards the leg not away.

It is very important to match the nude coloured footwear to your skin tone. This might mean even having to match your spray tan to the shoe to ensure that is it the most appropriate colour. Designers are offering many different shades of all skin tones which makes finding the perfect pair easier than ever. This effect can also be achieved by wearing long hemmed or vertical striped pants with heels, or even a consistent colour with no exposed skin between the pant and the shoe.

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