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Originating in 16th century England, the slip-on court shoe was originally created for men. But when the stiletto – a high-heeled court shoe – came out in 1955, the style soon became known as a more feminine option, and has remained as such to this day. With their simple slip-on/kick off design, they are the perfect option for office workers who appreciate the flexibility of such an easy-wear shoe.

At Via Condotti, we know the importance of finding a court shoe that offers high levels of comfort, practicality and understated sophistication. So we’ve built our court shoe range to ensure that we continue to be synonymous with all of these qualities and more.

Via Condotti court shoes are made in the Italian fashion havens of Veneto, Tuscany and LeMarche, carefully and attentively produced by our master leather craftsmen. These experts bring over 40 years of leather-working expertise, handed down from generation to generation. With only the finest locally sourced materials making it into our court shoes, choosing a Via Condotti shoe means choosing quality.

Our designs are modern and contemporary, but with a focus on retaining a timeless elegance. Whether you’re looking for a high heel, a low heel, a statement piece or something that will go with anything, you’re sure to find the perfect court shoe fit for you in Via Condotti’s stunning range.