Three essential features to look for in Italian designer shoes

Italian dersigner shoes

Before investing in some beautiful Italian designer shoes, consider the various leather types and select one that will suit you and your lifestyle, as each may require very specific treatment to ensure that they always look good.

1. Leather 

When choosing Italian leather shoes, you need to make sure the leather is of the highest quality. You would be amazed at the many types of leather and leather imitation products on the market. Some of the more common ones used in Italian shoe designs include nappa leather, calf or kid leather, the classic patent leather and for something a little more exotic, crocodile or python leather.

An authentic leather (rather than a synthetic leather) will ensure that your shoes maintain their shape and wont crack or fall apart. To tell if leather is authentic and of the highest quality you should always inspect it, touch it and even smell it. This is easier said than done so here a few tips to help:

  • Touch the Leather. Depending on the quality, real leather can feel coarse or smooth, or anywhere in between. Leather is also flexible and soft and feels warm to touch. Artificial leather feels cold and lifeless.
  • Smell the Leather. There is nothing like the smell and feel of real leather, and since no two animal hides are exactly the same, each piece of authentic leather has unique natural characteristics. Fake leathers will have the characteristic smell of plastic.
  • Examine the Product. A good indication that it is real leather is the price tag. Authentic leather shoes will be more expensive than a synthetic leather shoe or a shoe only partly made of leather. Become familiar with what you could expect to pay for an authentic Italian leather shoe and question the source of the leather. If using exotic leathers such as crocodile or python, since these skins are farmed, they are subject to very strict government requirements.

Research the brand you want to buy and ensure they are using top quality leather. A good quality Italian leather will last longer and wear evenly.

2. Heel and Sole 

Purchasing Italian designer shoes can be exciting, but don’t get caught in the hype and buy a shoe that is impractical for your life. You should ensure the heel is not too high for you. Many people buy shoes that look amazing on the shelf but rarely have an excuse to wear them. Some people also cannot stand wearing heels but continue to buy ridiculously high shoes that they never wear.  Don’t make a bad investment in a pair of shoes you won’t make use of.

Another aspect to consider is if the sole is thick enough to walk on. Some beautiful shoes have thin soles and are best worn when there is little walking involved. Delicate shoes are not practical for every day wear and should be kept for special occasions. Keep this in mind when you are considering what situations to wear your new shoes in.

3. Longevity 

When you are spending big money on shoes, it is important to consider the longevity of your designer shoes. Some shoes require more care than others so select a pair that will suit your lifestyle and that you will be able to easily care for. Be sure to check on the condition of your heels regularly and re-heel if necessary. Polish your shoes often to keep them moist and supple. If required, protect them with waterproofing products. The store assistant will provide you with right care tips for your shoes. Heed their advice to ensure a long lasting shoe.

Keep these three essential features in mind next time you go out shopping for Italian designer shoes and you will be confident you have made a fantastic purchase.

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